EGO is a business built on innovation. Part of an international manufacturing business established in 1993, they have pushed the boundaries of cordless technology from the very first days. Today they are one of the world’s biggest tool manufacturers, producing over 10 million units each year, selling in 65 countries worldwide.

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Mower, weed + hedge trimmer and blower all #1!

“Within the last month I have bought 4 items made by EGO.. All of them work way better than I have expected ! All batteries interchange.. I bought the mower with the 7.5 battery but, have found I can mow just as well with changing the 2.0 batteries from the other tools.. The mower works great to mow any time night or day ! I’m sold on EGO products..”


Big power when you need it more

“I have a few of the EGO products and love them all, I got the blower first, in May and was amazed at the power it had. Next I got the weed trimmer, and extra battery to extend all of my chores. Then last month, in September I got the hedge trimmer. Wow, I finally got power yard tools that all you do is, insert the battery and go. No gas to mix, no power cords to drag around the yard.”